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MEA's #1 goal is to have an education center in each county to do all of MEA's member education and testing and to satisfy members and non-member's New Jersey mandatory certification requirements.

Mechanics Education Association provided professional automotive technical education since May 1, 1989 beginning with 66 shop owners/investors and in this case their investment was eventually returned. In 1989 we built MEA around Mr. Wes Coleman. His automotive expertise went through MEA College educating the educators and into New Jersey's indepentent auto repair shops for 29 years.

This time around, with 88 shop owners and investors, we are building our school internationally through G. Jerry Truglia. His automotive expertise is going to educate the educators through MEA college to New Jersey indepentent auto repair shops and through to India. This is a simple international example of what we're doing. There are 21 counties in New Jersey and 28 states in India. There is no independent auto repair in India where we are going to create our franchises. One of the schools we'll be involved with is All that financial energy will come back and benefit New Jersey auto repair shops. This is all possible because of our MEA/Mechanics Warehouse Certificate holders. Remember, MEA's #1 goal is to have an education center for members and non-members in each county. MEA shop owners can have their investment eventually returned or will have the opportunity to secure a share in Mechanics Education (MEA).

Profits from my patented Pet Safety Perch System will be used to help fund the school, India and the clean air plants. Certificate holders go to youtube and see Pet Safety Perch System.

MEA is an on the job school, not a tech line!

MEA's "on the job help" teachers are the most experienced [employer] auto techs in New Jersey. Their job is to assimilate and combine our paid for high tech [jargon] with MEA's SHARED present day, up to date, on the job HELP VAN- 24/7 WEBINAR FIXES and transforms them into a language we can all UNDERSTAND.

We will keep you updated as to our progress.

For more info call Bill Willix at 973-263-1966